May 15, 2006

Other: Little Lambs of the Lord

Day 16 – Dallick, Dunkeld, & Random Field
Finished painting the pottery – charming in a grotesque “Little Billy’s First Fingerpaints” sort of way. Also found out why I haven’t gotten any email since the 9th of May – it’s because my remote email isn’t working, rather than a generalized, unspoken hatred amongst my friends and family. Oh, well; a boy can dream.
Sent the ducklings off to Blair Castle, where the front hall is hung with hundreds of swords, shields and bayonets. Yes, that’s hundreds: it took three people six months to plan and hang the display. It’s the kind of front hall that says: “Hi! We’re heavily armed!”
As they were going to two distilleries as well (Blair Athol and Dewar’s), the Significant Other went along. She ended up coming back with two single malts that are not produced for export (good girl!), so we’ll see about a tasting when we get home.
One knitter did in fact stay behind, so we went for a wander on some of the 5000 acres not attached to the house. She’s a bit City Folk, so she wanted to get a look at some of the lambs – most are less than a month old, so they are still just stupidly cute. Later on, they’ll just be stupid. Early warning sign of illness in sheep: death. Annoying creatures.
Went to church today – sort of. One of the knitters (the flimsy one) wanted to attend tomorrow, so the SO and I drove to Aberfeldy to see when services were: every fortnight, the sign said, and not much else. We went inside, and were greeted with drop sheets and a broken staircase, so we figured that this was an “off” week. Fortunately, the Church of Scotland has quite a good web site, so we’ll be going to the old cathedral in Dunkeld at 11:00 AM. Nice timing, as another knitter has to be at the train station there by 11:30. Easy peasy.

Day 17 – Dallick
The Feeble One decided not to go to church today after all. Well, hey, how important is God to you anyways?
Shipped off one of the knitters today, and on the drive out discovered she was married to a Republican legislator from Washington State who firmly believes that Mexico is sending millions of people to the US to get on welfare.
Now stop that! I was very good, and kept the topics nice and vague. Remember H.L. Mencken’s response to every critic who wrote to him:
“Dear Sir (or Madam, as appropriate):
You may be right at that.
Sincerely, H.L. Mencken”
The SO went with a less civilized meal today: lamb shanks. Giving knitters a potential weapon is always a bit of a risk, but we did a count as we cleared the table and got all the leg bones back. So we won’t have to deal with crushing-type injuries, should emotions get a little high; just some puncture wounds, and we’re old hands at dealing with those at this point. The one who went to see the lambs yesterday didn't eat very much at all. Don't know why.

Edmonton is the last Canadian team left in the playoffs? Dude! The off season in Ottawa is going to be interesting…
Oh, and one thing to the bonehead fans in San Jose, a town otherwise known for great fans: try booing the Canadian Anthem on a day when the US Hockey Hall of Fame hasn’t announced that it has to close its doors and move, okay? Hey, we (pretty much every Canadian hockey fan that did not live in Edmonton during the 80s) understand hating the Oilers as much as anyone, but the anthem isn’t to blame. Trust me, you don’t want the Canadians on the team to feel uncomfortable, or you’ll end up losing all your scoring…


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