May 30, 2006

Sex: Love My Home!

Back from across the pond, and loving it. Lots and lots to catch up on, I know, but I have to admit that reading about South Carolina Representative Ralph Davenport (Republican, of course) proposing a ban on sex toys in the state had me stopped cold. I know other states have banned (Georgia, Mississippi and Texas) or have been trying to ban (Alabama) sex toys, but I can't imagine how it's supposed to work. The ban sure as hell isn't going to help anyone stay absitnent, is it? The idea, I suppose, is that if no one ever taks about sex, nothing bad can ever happen.

Of course, we know how well that works.

Shall we compare and contrast (very) personal freedoms again?

Canada: sales of vibrators in a large chain store begins in June of last year. They're sold as vibrators, too, not "personal massagers".
U.S.: The Attorney General is pushing for telecommunications companies to record of all customers internet activity.

Apples and oranges? Not quite: with 13 states still having anti-sodomy laws on the books despite the supreme court ruling that such laws are unconstitutional, the tracking of websites and email is an easy way to find who likes what. And to prosecute anyone who may be breaking specific laws. That ruling, by the way, was based on personal privacy rights, which are now starting to fall to the wayside under the excuse of (heard this before?) the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Remember kids: non-reproductive sex is only for horrible deviants. There's no room for amateurs!


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