April 12, 2005

Politics: Finally, Something Important

So now that the proposal to for an amendment to ensure marriage is strictly defined as between a man and woman "to the exclusion of all others" has been shot down, what can the Conservatives possibly attack the ruling Liberal Party on? Is there anything? Anything at all?

Apparently not.

Nothing, it seems, is as important in Canadian politics right now as stopping homosexuals from getting married. The Conservatives have promised a filibuster to delay a second reading on the so-called "Civil Marriage Act", C-38. What this will accomplish is frankly beyond me. Despite fierce campaigning by social conservatives and a flood of money from various groups based in the United States over the past two years, there wasn't enough support in parliment to stop gays from getting equal marriage rights. The numbers simply aren't going to get better for the opponents of this bill.

Two years ago, the big complaint was ... can you guess? Those liberal judges taking these matters "out of the hands of the people" by ruling on points of law in their courtrooms. Yes, they were forcing homosexuality on the poor, defenceless citizens by not allowing elected representatives decide whether gays and lesbians could marry.

Well, guess what, kids? It's 164 to 132, and that's with 34 Liberals voting against gay marriage. The funniest arguement those voting against used was that they voted that way on "religious and moral grounds." Does anyone here think they voted against on "irreligious and moral grounds", or "religious and immoral grounds", or even "irreligious and immoral grounds"? Think anyone voted against for non-religious reasons? The only other reason someone could possibly make is that thinking of sodomy makes them feel icky.

Are we now allowed to tell these folks to suck it up and get on with the actual government part of being in government? You're there for the paperwork, boys and girls; you got voted in because you said you wanted to do it, and who am I to question masochists?


posted by Thursday at 11:36 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...

To butcher (badly) an old Spinal Tap Line....

'There's a thin line between Wedge Issue and Wedgie'

Let's hope the HarperManiacs put the 'I' this one.

3:24 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

As often as I disagree with the conservatives (old and new), they're the opposition party, and damn it, I want them to behave like one!

5:22 pm  

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