March 14, 2006

Politics: Talking (And Talking And Talking...) Heads

When I saw this clip from a talking-head political show (broadcast on Al-Jazeera) a couple things occurred to me when I contrasted it to political talk shows over here:

1) That Ms. Wafa Sultan could speak (mostly) without interruption for more than 20 seconds at a time, meaning she speaks in sentences, not sound bites;

2) That she voices direct criticism of the show's host and is still allowed to finish her sentence.

Now, I wish that I could have seen the opponents views as well (the clip is edited to show Ms. Sultan's opinion only), and I don't agree with everything she has to say (Jews may not be blowing themselves up, but they certainly have killed people), butI cannot imagine someone from, say, Hamas getting the same treatment on Hannity & Colmes or The O'Reilly Factor. The Al-Jazeera host is apparently fairly contriversial in his conservative views, too.


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