August 14, 2006

Politics: How To Tell If YOUR World Leader is Someone Else's Bitch

Anyone who's been through high school has seen it or been it: the really cool, daring, even dangerous senior that even the teachers are a little nervous of. He's got a tattoo, he cruses, drinks, and even smokes pot. He has a motorcycle, there's rumours of violence...

Well, I'm not talking about him.

Notice the geeky kid with the glasses? She's the shy, bookish type whose parents never worried about because she's never invited anywhere; and even if she were, she'd be back by 9:00 sharp. Notice something funny about her? Whenever "that hooligan" walks by, you can see her glasses mist over, her jaw open. It looks like she forgets how to breathe until he's out of sight.

She's so desperate for him you can hear her whine.

So she starts doing things.

She changes her clothes. Not much, just a little, just enough to maybe kinda sorta make her look , y'know, tougher.

She starts defending him: privately at first, and maybe just in theoretical ways. But when he doesn't even notice, what do you think she'll do?

She starts doing whatever he does. She starts breaking windows. She takes up smoking. She tries getting her friends to lie for him, and splits with any friends who won't.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, this is your life.


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