October 04, 2007

Defending Your Store

*Continued from the Bronze Blog*

GANGSTER: Look, we're doin' ya a favour, see? With our help, this store'll get huge.

ATHEIST: And safe from "accidents", I presume?

GANGSTER: Sure, sure! We watch out for you, you advertise for us...

GOON (Wandering through aisles): Nice stuff, here.

ATHEIST: Yes, I only sell high quality, tested product.

GANGSTER: Now, see there! We could expand your product line, no problem!

ATHEIST: No, thanks.

GANGSTER (Leans on counter): Trust me, we know what sells to the rubes.

GOON (In distance): Wow! Dis really cold fusion?

ATHEIST (Calling back): We found out it didn't work, so stopped selling it. It's just something we play with now and then.

GANGSTER: There youse are, thinking small again! Wit' our connections, you can sell anything!

ATHEIST: I'd rather sell what works. Sorry.

GANGSTER: You might be, bub.

GOON (Off Screen): Uh, boss? Where are youse guys?

GANGSTER: You'd better get with the program, or you could lose... everything.

ATHEIST: I'll take my chances, thanks. Frankly, I'd rather not deal with your type.

GOON (OS): Uh, guys? Guys? I'm kinda lost, here!

GANGSTER (snarls): Have it your way, then, punk. But you're gonna pay for this for a long, long time. We're outta here!

GOON (Finds his way to the front again. "Destroys" another non-existent display stand.)

GANGSTER (Pauses at door): And so sorry to see all the damage that earthquake did! Heh heh.

ATHEIST (Looks around): What damage?

GANGSTER (Waves arm): All this damage!


GANGSTER: Just because you're too stupid to see it, doesn't mean it's not real!

ATHEIST (Checking monitor): Nothing on the security cameras, either...

GANGSTER: We're outta here! Go to Hell, freak!

ATHEIST: Thanks for coming by! (GANGSTER and GOON leave.) Freak.



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