November 08, 2007

Odd Quotes We Have Heard

A quick step into a very strange world: the world of Islamofascism. There is a very strange man bouncing around making speeches how horrible Islamofascism is, despite the utter contradiction that the neologism is, but he can never seem to stay on track during his speeches.

In this instance, he ends up talking instead about how horrible it is to support... Well, here's a quote (sound on):

"The left has a vision of creating a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth where there's no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no poverty, and no war. A complete fantasy. There will never be 'social justice', people, because the only people who can enforce it are people like you and me and Ahmadinejad. And Jerry Falwell. And Jerry Springer and all his guests.

"Who do you think is going to bring about 'social justice'? They will do it at the point of a gun because when they get their revolutionary power [points to image of woman getting shot] that's who they are."


Just to be clear: Ahmadinejad, Reverend Falwell, and Jerry Springer are the forces of social justice? And they're just like "you and me"? Opposing homophobia, racism, poverty et al is a bad thing?

Oddly, this strange man is considered a representative of the social and political right wing in the United States, and often invited on television as exactly that.


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