March 28, 2005

Sex: Geek(9) Sex(20) Galore(7)

This, I think, will tell you all you really need to know about me:

Thursday's Rules for Strip Scrabble(tm)

1: At the end of every round, the player with the most points is the winner. All other players must remove one layer of clothing - excepting jewelry and glasses (yum)!

2: You lose a round if you have the lowest score for the round, even if you couldn't play because you exchanged tiles or because play ended.

3: Once a player is naked (excepting glasses and jewelry), if they are the loser of a round they must do a "favour" for the winner. The maximum time this favour may take is 60 seconds. No article of clothing may be removed, dislodged, or relocated in any way for this favour.

4: Words with sexual connotations (agreed on by all players - go ahead, convince them!) are worth double points.

5: If any player scores a body part, they get a kiss on that part (or its closest surface area) from any other player of their choosing.

6: Winner takes all (on)!

The wife and I think this is a comprehensive set of rules, but if you can think of others, jot 'em down!


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