June 01, 2007

Time Ticks Away...

...And you're down to the final few days before the Skeptics' Circle comes to life right here in these pages!

I have had a couple inapropriate submissions, and I'll explain why it is:

This story does a good show of having a healthy attitude towards your local politicians: yep, it's a skeptical one. But it's based on the politics of the region, and while it confronts the classic executive doublespeak that's so tragically common in municipalities, we're looking for more on the scientific end of the spectrum. Woo, bad science, mysticism, misapplications of science in the media... These are the things we're looking for.

Granted, a lot of science has been politicised lately; it occasionally hard to seperate the two. For instance, do the new plans set out by the American or Canadian governments actually do anything other than act as a delaying tactic? Is a "missle defense shield" even feasable? What is the purpose of NASA? And did three Republican candidates really publicly claim that they did not believe in evolution?

But bear in mind that your post will be more likely included without the political references. There is, after all, lots and lots and lots to choose from!


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