March 17, 2016

Gary, Gary, Gary. Gary, Gary, Gary. Gary!

We've got it.  Here, at last, is a candidate who has a simple, easily understood policy package.  He not only wins people over, but anyone who talks about him becomes a supporter.  Talk about charisma!

He already has the endorsement of two gigantic figures in entertainment - Steve Martin and Stephen Colbert - which will help his media coverage.  That's crucial, because as a third candidate he likely won't have anywhere near the war chest of either party.

He can easily fill the cabinet with focused, like-minded contemporaries, and his stance on gun rights is easily going to be acceptable to the NRA; and as for his feelings on war, what better leader than one who's been through it?  And I guarantee you that he has very, ah, certain conflict resolution skills:

Gary/Gary in 2016!

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