June 09, 2006

Politics: Dim Bulbs, Big City

Okay, it's been a few days now since the massive arrest (12 adults and 5 juvvies) of terrorist suspects in Toronto. Some of the response has been complimantary:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice:
"This shows that the Canadians are on the job. That's what it really shows."

Some have been, well, not:

New York Republican Peter King, chairman of the House of Representatives homeland security committee:
"I think it's a disproportionate number of al-Qaeda in Canada because of their very liberal immigration laws, because of how political asylum is granted so easily."

There have been intelligent statements:

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair:
"There are always uninformed ignorant idiots who will go out and try to express some anger and misdirect it against totally innocent people, and any anger directed at the wider Muslim community in Toronto would be totally misdirected and based on ignorance."

And silly ones:

Jon Stewart:
"You hate Canada? That's like saying 'I hate toast!' It doesn't inspire passion in either direction!"
(Video "Night, Martyr", 5:30 in.)

Of course, our own beloved Prime Minister Plastic Man has had a few choice words to say about the planned attacks:

Stephen Harper:
"We are a target because of who we are and how we live, our society, our diversity and our values values such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law."

Which carries on his happy use of Republican rhetoric:

President George Bush:
"They hate our freedoms -- our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other."

Which lets him ignore asking whether our (Canada's) actual actions may have had anything to do with other people's opinions. Right handy, that. There's some mention of anger about Afghanistan, for instance...

One thing that has been strenuously avoided is talking about the fact that the entire group of alleged terrorists can be described as belonging to a single group, a group that has always caused trouble around the world with violence and criminal activity. Muslims? No. Arabs? No. Immigrants? Yeah, right.

No, I'm talking about a group of people who are ignorant, arrogant, agressive and insecure all at the same time; who have been around since time immemorial; and who are, frankly, a pack of idiots: young men.

Think it through: when women have been involved in a killing, it makes big, big news all across Canada. Karla Homolka or Kelly Ellard are remembered names, but even they had young men with them when the crimes were committed. Who joins up with street gangs, commits home invasions, and make videos of themselves putting fireworks directly under their genitals? On a similar note, which group do you think wins the vast, overwhelming majority of Darwin Awards year after year? Only one answer: young men.

Every one of these idiots are under the age of 30, apparently inspired by an imam who preached that Canada's involvement in Afghanistan was an attack on Islam. This, of course, is flat-out idiocy. If there was an attack on Islam, mosques would be illegal. Why the hell would we bother going half way across the globe to attack Islam when we have several Muslims here at home? Have you seen the price of oil these days? Trust me, if the military could save the cost of a flight, they would have!

It wasn't the religion: by the 2001 census, there were well over 550,000 Muslims in Canada, and having only a handful be total nutters is actually a pleasant surprise. It wasn't because they were indoctrinated overseas, as they were either born here or immigrated as young children. And it wasn't the neighbourhood, as information about the group was supplied by members of the community.

So, here's my reasonable proposal: a ban on all males between the ages of 15 and 30. Just ship them out of the country for a decade or two, that's all. Raise money for field trips, encourage OSEs (over seas experiences) like the folks in Australia do, fund them with government grants, whatever it takes. This has the double advantage of having our youth see the world, expanding their horizons, and turning them into someone else's problem, plus making the ratio of women-to-men in Canada skyrocket!

And I'm not just saying this as a dirty old man.


I see that someone is proposing a different approach to youthful extremism, even if she does need to adjust her approach. Note to Ms. Siddiqi: when you're asking for help, try using the work "ask" instead of "demand". It's more polite, and politeness tends to go over better.


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Blogger talk talk talk said...

I'm totally with you on the young men theory! LOL!!! My elders always thought it was a mistake when some countries stopped requiring young men to do military service for 2 years -- it smartened them up real quick. Did Canada ever have that though? I think Canada's version would be to do an Arctic Quest, preferably in January, by themselves with only a compass, beef jerky, and some seal fur.

1:48 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Nah, we never did. Those folks already in the military usually spend some of their time up North with their postings, though.

Have to object with the belief that millitary service smartened up young'uns - made more capable, sure, but there are plenty of perfectly capable idiots wearing dark green. After all, they have to get the officers from somewhere, right? *kidding*

2:36 pm  
Blogger talk talk talk said...

*big grin* But hey, some of the officers are OK though! The military also do winter camp training in -40.

I agree with what you said about making them more capable and wonder about my elders' assertion. OTOH I think the military instills discipline in the mind and a need for organization, which may change their attitude to old ways when they get out.

On a totally unrelated note, blogger has been disappearing my comments and replies on me for awhile now. Very disconcerting to see your comment posted then it just vanishes. Poof! Only to reappear many days later.

4:41 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Well, you seem to exist here (and thanks for the comments), so all's well and good thus far!

There's certainly an argument to be made for mandatory military time, but then I'm much older than they'd be interested in, so how much can I really say?

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you people? Get lives, quickly. I was linked in here. First and LAST TIME. Promise. Yuk.

8:40 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Anon -

And yet you're adding so much; I find myself reluctant to let you go!

We may need lives, but you need a name. No, seriously: if you don't want to be linked to, you're actually going to have to tell me who you are.

Odd, I know, but there it is.

10:58 pm  

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