July 24, 2006

Other: Cleaning House

I have far too many things that were intended to be temporary links in my "Bookmarks" folder, so I'm just going to dump a few off right now because I'm too damn lazy to do anything with them, but I still feel strangely guilty for having them all:


Why these guys are professional humourists, and I'm not.
The bible like you (may) have never seen. Just how much time on your hands did you have as a kid, anyways?


For the "9/11 made domestic spying necessary!" crowd.
Speaking of 9/11 and the conspiracy fan base.
A Net Neutrality round up.
Why ignoring hate groups is NOT the best policy. Hate Radio plays a part in more than implied violence.
Efforts to find someone else to hate.


Sex is not fun.
No, sex is fun!
But it can also be dangerous, so watch your speed.


One of the biggest howls from the Intelligent Design crowd are about the lack of macro-stages of evolution: it's the old "a dog can't have kittens" stupidity. If you ask what would constitute proof, they suddenly shut up.
Don't trust politics blended with science? Try this in regular doses.
"It's a natural cure, so it must be good for you..." Unless, of course, it's a carcinogen.


How 15 motorcycle accidents in 12 years is an epidemic. If they all happened to the same person, I'd say it's a case of optimism over experience; but this is to 15 seperate people for crying out loud!
Think motorcycles are scary? Think chainsaws are scary? Then prepare to change your shorts after this scene of pants wetting terror!


The best lacrosse player in the world goes out in style.
My (current) favorite philosopher.
My favorite kill-time, and one of my favorite magazines. Go buy it.

Thus, do I absolve myself from all feelings of doubt and shame. Ahh...

Okay I'm bored. I wonder if sex really is fun...?


posted by Thursday at 8:19 pm


Anonymous Ashbless said...

Those sex ain't fun people apparently don't believe in teen sex or paragraphs either. I wonder if the two are related?

11:01 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

Not believing in teen sex is like not believing in light bulbs: it's really, really obvious to most of us.

I'd guess the "paper" it's from was due to be handed in at a local Jeebus College, so intent is more important than skill.

1:00 pm  

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