September 11, 2006

Politics: When Dueling Pageants Collide

So, other than traumatizing anyone who lost family members during the 9/11 attacks, what's been the point of regurgitating a terrible day five years old? Twice as many people watched football as did either the $40 million fictional account that was apparently for Republican-eyes only (only conservative pundits were given preview copies: here's why) over on ABC or an actual documentary recounting the day on CBS.

Oh, no reason, really.

But since that terrorist action (which should have launched a criminal investigation instead of a war) happened, there has been an awful lot that's gone on, and here's a bit of the latest:

Greg Palast has been arrested.

No shit. Even funnier is that he's been charged with filming a "critical national security structure" in Louisiana. In fact, right here in Louisiana, beside an Exxon oil refinery. He and his cameraman were filming at that location, and they filmed the refinery as part of their story.

As the arresting officer, detective Frank Pananepinto, said: "If you remember, a lot of people were killed on 9/11." Which, naturally, justifies Exxon lodging a criminal complaint against two reporters for filming something that can be found in the freakin' Yellow Pages. Which raises the question: if it was a matter of national security, why did Exxon press charges and not the
U.S. Government?

Oh, no reason, really.

So what the Sam Hill was Mr. Palast doing in such a *gasp* highly sensitive area, and with a camera, yet? Well, he was talking to a few of the 73,000 people who live there and in places just like it. What they have to say isn't very pretty, but they are unfortunately burdened with the crime of being alive, and thus not having the spiritual perfection that grandstanding zealotry really needs.


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