September 07, 2006

Other: Back to It

What with my head being otherwise occupied, there's been a lot to catch up on. (Tes, another one of "those" posts).

I went swimming in the Cowichan River for what's probably the last time this season, and got a little reward. The last couple times the Significant Other and I wandered down there, we've brought empty onion sacks with us to clean up a bit of the flotsam and jetsam. One very noticeable thing: the idiots who toss beer cans about have really bad taste. They are almost invariably Kokanee, or Molson Canadian, or Coors Light, or (I mourn to mention) Lucky Lager. Hideous, cheap-ass crap.

Today, when we were just floating and enjoying ourselves, I found a 500ml bottle of Heineken, still sealed.

Karma, baby!

Speaking of which...


What happens when someone has been sheltered all their lives, living under a single world view, until suddenly they have to travel somewhere? A friend of mine, Born Again and frankly not all that bright, spent his honeymoon in Thailand, and came back complaining about how uncomfortable he felt surrounded by all these people who *gasp* were openly non-Christian! Now, being a friend of ours, he understood how some people were just weird and rejected God, but an entire country full of them simply blew his mind. No one was actully rude to him, but he felt uncomfortable and oppressed for the entire trip.

You or I hear this, and think "Well, yeah... Welcome to everyone else's world, junior!" Of course, he's also convinced that North America hates Christians, so what are you going to do?

Anyhow, I'd like to introduce you to Gary Christenot (I'll say it's not a psudeonym, but...). Gary is a steadfast believer, an evangelical Christian who served with the US military at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. While there, he went to a high school football game, and as he stood for the pre-game incantation... Well, let's just say that he no longer supports prayer before every sporting event being mandatory.

Get the headphones in for this "old-timey" song about God's Wrath.

And to quote a slightly different song:

I raise my Sword of Right to the Clear and Shining Light
Stained crimson red with the blood of the unredeemed
I will rend them limb from limb
And dash all their kith and kin
Their bodies I will bury in the deep
Because there's power in the Blood.
-"Power in the Blood"
Alabama 3

Welcome to Jesus Camp.


And the definition of screwed is... The Canadian Airborne ended up in a horrible situation in Somalia, and events occured there that caused the entire regiment to be disbanded. (One soldier's perspective here - check out his reading list, too.) But these guys from the U.S. military are in the middle of something worse than any place I ever want to imagine being.

You've undoubtedly heard about the kerfuffle about the theoretical broadcast of "Path to 9/11", but if not a quick synopsis:

Bill Clinton was a weenie.

For some reason, this has the political left in an uproar, and the political right chortling with glee as they review the film. The filmmakers have been saying "wait for the finished version to come out before judging it", because it's still being edited. Except, of course, for the copies that have already been distributed to political right pundits. Those ones, apparently, were finished. Needless to say, the Clintons did NOT get an advance copy. There's a running history here, and a bit of history here about another mini series that caused contreversy and ended up being pulled from CBS.

But in keeping with the musical theme, here's a couple gems:

Inspired, perhaps, by the former Prime Minister of Canada buddying up to U2s Bono, the President of the United States sings it...


I've been out of commission for a little while (broken rib while playing in the river six weeks back), and the SO was not terribly happy about my inability to move while our ninth anniversary approached. Better than last year, but still... To make up for lost time, we each wrote out something we'd like to do on five seperate cards (we've been together ten years), and we opened one a day starting with the anniversary.

The only down side was with us being together so long, we've kept those things we liked in our regular repertoire already, so there have been a few repeats. Somehow, we struggle through!

Keep those headphones on, and possibly cover up the screen, for this song.


Phillip K. Dick has long been a cult fixture in science fiction, with brilliant, often opressive and paranoid writing about humanity losing itself, so when someone build his head to carry around to convertions, it's no real surprise.

"Hey, it's Phil!"
"Isn't he dead?"
"Oh. Hi, Phil."

Unfortunately, that head has since gone missing from a Los Vegas (where else?) airport.

An extensive musical list of sci-fi songs. No links to them, which blows, but a fine thing to argue about.


That's it for Clover for this year. Insurance is up, and she's just too squirrley to ride year-round. Going to be a month or so before the Honda's got the sidecar stapled to it, too. *sigh* Back to four wheels for a while...


Hard work might make you free, but at Hitler's, so are the refills!

One red paper clip = one Saskatchewan house. If you have the time, scroll down to help out with his Alice Cooper petition. You know it's right.

You can always tell a great film by the festivals that it inspires.

One more song; I've got to give credit to anyone who can casually get Abe Vigoda into music.


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Ya, but.....

If the Big L. had found that big green one, what would he have done?


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Gaz -

Dude. He would have CHILLED OUT. Then possibly visited his fucking lady friend.

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