August 26, 2006

Religion: For All Your Nighttime "Crusades"!

Wow. Just... wow.

Now you too dress your children in polyester armour to keep them properly flammable for bedtime!

Yes, it's "Armour of God" pyjamas! Because Christianity doesn't work like it should when you're unconscious (but that's your own fault, not God's), you can add this extra layer of Ephesians Approved (tm) Crusader Gear!

Sure, he gets a Helmet of Salvation, while your daughter is stuck with some kind of wimple, but at least they both get to sleep with their swords!

Even better, soon you will be able to get dolls dressed in the same clothing: available in American (white) and AfricanAmerican (black).

Yes, you read that right: "white" is now "American"! Praise!

I'm holding out for the Arabic-American version.


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