October 15, 2006

Science: And the Government Learns a Lesson!

Circle the calendar: one week ago Monday, the Canadian government stopped putting bogus "fuel saving devices" in the tanks of their vehicles. The "Econopro" (good luck finding them now) was sold to the government, who spent thousands installing them then bragging that they were doing something about the enviroment. These little babies were going to reduce emissions by 50%; increase efficiency by at least 10%, and possibly cure cancer, too! All for the low, low price of $750 a pop!

Don't believe it? Well, they shouldn't have, either.

To actually improve efficiency, try asking a transportation economist and regional planner. You know, someone who has to deal with facts.


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Blogger M@ said...

When were these devices first used by the government? Got any links about that? I had no idea our government was so... stupid. Yeah, it's true. This is a new low.

6:35 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

The press report was from March, 2004 (http://www.qc.ec.gc.ca/dpe/Anglais/dpe_main_en.asp?prev_virage_mars_2004)

The key bit:

"Canada Economic Development: reduction in fuel consumption of the vehicle fleet (10 vehicles) through the installation of an Econopro energy saver;"

And here (http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/rma/dpr1/04-05/CEDQR-DECRQ/CEDQR-DECRQd4505_e.asp), in a paper discussing development money being spent in Quebec:

"Agency vehicles equipped with hybrid engines or an electromagnetic module ECONOPRO ®"

So it looks like two reasons that the money was spent... It had good image enviromentally, and there could be bragging about encouraging *ahem* "innovation" in Quebec.

I guess the telemarketing scams that are run from that province are due for a fat chunk of funding soon...

9:02 am  

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