September 25, 2006

Enough Moping

Between cancer, car accidents, and failed employment, this has been a bit of a time. But that's enough of that, it's time to get back to posting!

Besides: hockey season is coming up, and it's time to get working on the previews. You know, the important stuff.

Some things that have caught my eye:


There is a difference between Clinton and President George, and it's as obvious as the differences between an adult and a child. Here's Bush being asked about something his administration is currently doing, and here's Clinton being asked about rumours that were made out of whole cloth and innuendo years after he was out of office.

Want a quick primer on how a single person could corrupt hundreds of Diebold voting machines in under a minute? Princeton helps.


Speaking of politics, here's the real faith of the Republican Party: Moonism.

In a more traditional vein, the other Voice of God running around on this wacky planet of ours has reprimanded Canada for its tolerance toward gays and acceptance of abortion. I love that he's disappointed with Catholic politicians for yielding to "ephemeral social trends". How dare religious politicians listen to their constituents!

In a brilliant example of of tolerance toward other faiths, we have Christians praying with Muslims during Ramadan... to accept Jesus. And in the other, of course, we have Muslims attacking churches and shooting nuns in protest of the Pope's quoting a previous pope that Islam was violent.


I missed the "Back to School" party that a local kink group put on, unfortunately. The weeks have been awkward at best, and I thought it was happening a week after it was actually scheduled. When I found out on a Friday that the party was the next day instead of eight days later, I decided not to go. It's exactly what I like, with more of a role-playing theme than a simple beat me/beat you set up, but I need to mentally prep for it, and just didn't have the time.


I feel bad about not including these guys when it happened, but here is the latest Skeptics' Circle! (Caution: sad puppies ahead.)

The DSCOVR program, which essentially measures the enviromental status of Earth (synopsis here), was cancelled by the Bush White House (can't imagine why). The satellite has already been made and is ready to launch, and both France and the Ukraine have offered to launch it, free of charge to the United States, but have been turned down. There is hope of its eventual use, according to SEED magazine, as it hasn't yet been stripped for parts, but unless the political climate changes, our knowledge of the world's climate is going to remain limited.


All my two-wheelers are temporarily off the road, so nothing new to say there, but I would like to note the (magazine only) retirement of Max Burns, long time writer for Cycle Canada and of a few books that are well worth checking out. A rider/philosopher, like most riders, he keeps nothing sacred in the normally insular world of motorcyclists.

Other Stuff

Here's the situation: you're at work, and have asked for a raise. You've worked hard for the past four years, and like the company fine, so negotiations are underway. Then the manager gets replaced, then a month later the new manager is fired, and the owner tells you he'll pay you double what you're currently earning, but only if you sign a lifetime contract. If you don't sign, they'll stop you from working at your job, or at any other job, until you do.

Welcome to the New York Islanders! Goalie Rick DiPietro has just signed a 15-year, $4.5 million/year contract, offeret to him by team president Charles Wang. Only nine goaltenders in the history of the NHL have had 19-year careers, and none of them have been at their best for all of it. Good luck with that, Charles!


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