February 14, 2007

Romance and Big Sticks

Just in case people coming by here think I'm only opposed to Christian silliness:

Over the past few years there have been protests over Valentine's Day in India by Muslim hardliners. The public excuse has been "protesting western influence" - including invented holidays, exchanging cards, and lots and lots of chocolate. The protets have taken the form of burning romantic cards on the streets, patrolling all public areas in search of young lovers, and (of course) beating anyone "displaying affection" where the protesters can see them.

Once again, intimacy, love, and sex terrifies the religious fanatics.

But this year, there are counter protesters, acting as self-appointed guardians of people canoodling away, drawing attention of the police to any violence, or

"[...]take[ing] the law into their own hands if the police fail to act."

Ah, romance!


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