January 26, 2007

Oh, Was That Yours...?

So having read over the letter that U.S. Attorney General VO5 and Homeland Security Chief Michael "Chip" Chertoff sent, and after hearing what each side had to say (VO5: "We have new info!" Stockwell "Doris" Day: "We heard. It blows.") may I add that I'm utterly unimpressed with not only the act, but the attitude by our neighbours down south?

Here's the letter in short:

Yes, yes; we know you're concerned, but the grown ups have had a look, and that's all there is to it. If you really insist, we'll explain just why we did what we did when we did it, but only because mom is making us. You'll understand when you have "a full understanding of the facts", okay? Jeeze.

The confrontation between Senator Leahy and VO5 has been earning the senator a whole lot of fans on both sides of the border. No surprise, after he denied that habeas corpus actually exists.

Now, to be fair, there is a difference between what is considered a security threat in the U.S. and in Canada, so that could be what the reason is for this disagreement. If that is the case, then Prime Minister Plastic Man can use the case to score points domestically by being hard on what would otherwise be his allies, and opposing the U.S. is something that always sells to a certain segment in pretty much any nation not actually the United States. And it's not like Arar isn't used to being used anyways, right? If you want to thank him for keeping the fight up, and forcing this story into the spotlight, here's his site.


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