January 10, 2007

Ice the Guy, Already!

Two thoughts on hockey before the half-way reviews:

1) The Vote for Rory campaign was designed by a fan, and votes for him all came from fans. The All-Star game is, supposedly, all about the fans getting what they want. So if he gets half a million votes when his name isn't even on the ballot, why shouldn't he be in the game? Just because he's a borderline NHLer? Pah!

2) According to the Hockey News, Vancouver broadcaster Jim Hughson is being groomed for a spot with CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. If this is the case, could someone please, PLEASE get the man a copy of the NHL Guide and Record Book? I swear, this man would pronounce Mario's name "Lum-YUCKS". I was sorely tempted to hit the mute while listening to the Canucks-Oilers game and hearing Pouliot (pooh-YOH) mangled into POOH-lee-ott. A pedantic complaint? Sure. But the guy is supposed to be a professional broadcaster: he pronounces names for a living. When that's your only job I really, really expect you to do it correctly.

End of rant. For now.


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