December 21, 2006

Not Dead Yet!

Right, first things first: the bonescan/blood tests on the old man were negative - the prostate cancer hasn't spread anywhere else in his body. That, plus the pre-radiation treatment coming up aces, has improved my dad's diagnosis tremendously.

Second: I haven't posted for a long time, for which I apologise. But, in my defence, the last interesting thing to happen to me was going out for a vast amout of brilliant food at a restaurant that not only has a near-impeccable whisky list, but also employs waitstaff that can make a perfect martini; or so claimed my two beautiful female companions for the evening. And no one needs to hear about that.

And third: you know it's been a long time when the Skeptics' Circle has another publication before you can get two posts in! This time, it's a tribute to Carl Sagan, the 20th of December being the 10th year after his unfortunate death. Perhaps fittingly, it is the 50th Circle - nice, round numbers all around!

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