November 30, 2006

The Dean of Liberals

Think I'm talking Ignatieff? Guess again!

So the Perpetual Party got a superstar to produce the keynote address at their convention, and it wasn't Bono. Though Iggy did note "that's good", so everyone's fears were allayed. Man, he has GOT to stop using that sentence if he wants to overcome the whole "arrogant prick" theme of his campaign...

Anyhow, Vermont Governor Howard Brush Dean (Brush?) was the guest of honour at the convention in Montreal last night, and it went so well that when he got applause for speaking french, it was clear that the delegates had decided who their choice for leader was. Unfortunately, he was rather busy with the whole Chairman of the DNC/Governor of Vermont thing, so the crowd was in for a disappointment.

The speech went well enough, though he didn't seem to realize that the Liberals up here are the centrists, with three major parties to their left (Ye Olde House of Orange, the No One Understands Us Party, and Oh, Yeah, Those Guys):

"And it was our parties who created and believe in the social safety net. We're the ones who believe that a bright future goes through our schools and that college should be available for all. We believe that everyone deserves health care."

Hmm... Actually, the NDP (then the CCF) forced the Liberal's hand on all of those. And lordy, you don't wat to say any of that to the provincial "Liberals" in British Columbia!

"We [Liberals and Democrats] believe in an honest, open government."

I didn't know he was going to announce changes in party policy, but if it works for them...

"...I've found that the path to power, oddly enough, is to trust others with it."

Wait: does he know he's addressing the Liberal Party?

"...Remember it's [power] on loan. Next, fight for what you believe in."

Okay, I'm convinced. Dean actually thinks he's addressing a Habitat for Humanity chapter that's opened in Montreal. Hate to see what's going to happen when is handlers find out...


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