November 17, 2006

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over.

And don't we have a freak show going on now, hmm?

First to catch my eye was the astounding decision to publish OJ Simpson's "hypothetical" book discussing how he would have killed his wife and her friend. It's being published by Regan Books, a clearing house for conservative authors and pornography, and there is going to be an interview with, believe it or not, Judith Regan. How softball are those questions going to be, eh?

Face it: you KNOW a concept is hopelessly screwed up when Bill O'Reilly attacks FOX for using it!

Despite Simpson losing the "wrongful death" case brought about by Goldman's family, costing him $33 million in damages, the family has yet to see a cent, and Simpson has reportedly received over $3 million in advance just for the book. No word on what he's getting for the interview, or why the owner of the publishing house that's printing this drivvel is conducting it.

In other "How'd THAT happen?" news...

Bush has another brilliant appointment. Yes, another one, just in case you weren't depressed enough by his track record...

This time, it's Dr. Eric Keroack. Doctor Keroack is all set to be the new Deputy Secretary for Population Affairs (who?). This means he's going to be working at the office that is responsible for the distribution of moneys for all the sexual health programs in the United States just now (including winners like this). Since he's a Bush appointment, it should be clear that he has no actual interest in doing what's best for the greatest number of people, but rather what Jesus tells him to impose on the greatest number of people.

Need a hint? Last June, Keroack was a featured speaker at the 10th Annual International Abstinence Leadership Conference in Kansas City. I'm not even going to bother mentioning the sheer stupidity of using "just say no" instead of an actual plan; it's been done so often that you know it's not a matter of opponents of sexuality cherry picking numbers they like so much as it is them deafened by righteousness.

Check out his rather odd assertion that opiates make a relationship better, but if you love too much, too often, then that love wears out and makes a frowny face in your ganglia...

Speaking of sex making you sad, next up are the "Quiverfull" folks!

Yup, it's Protestant women out-Catholicing Catholics! Not only are they opposed to abortion, they oppose any kind of birth control including the so-called "rhythm method", the only kind of birth control the Pope approves of! Yep, even using a minimum amount of judgement in your life (and with a 25% failure rate over 1 year, the rhythm method can certainly be considered that) is the exact same as opposing God's Plan!

Of course, according to the good doctor above, the more kids you have, the "new contacts" you have, the less you can love. Oh, well! That's the price for squirting out those handy little Jebus-Arrows, isn't it? Sure SOME heathens call them "children"... The Eleventh Commandment indeed.

And in politics (again):

With the much-deserved pounding the current Prime Minister's Office is getting over their treatment of the enviroment (also known as the "If we ignore it, maybe it will just go away" plan), you expect various groups to fire away.

But South Park?

Well, if thousands of scientists and millions of voters can't get the point across, what the hell; maybe a cartoon can.

Last one:

As tragic as this story is, I do want to note that there's a reason why the couple live in Vancouver: he's Japanese, and she's Korean. Neither could tolerate living as a mixed-race couple in the other's country.

Hope he finds peace.

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