November 07, 2006

Other: Hmm.

Another quick exchange of emails between my dad and myself:

Him: Just got back from the cancer clinic in Victoria. Things seem to have changed dramatically in the past month. I am now high risk and the cancer has gone into overdrive.
Me: Okay, THAT sucks.
Him: I now have to get chest x rays and bone scans as it may have already spread.
Me: Yugh. Any idea when that will be happening?
Him: They still seem to think that my chances are good. One interesting fact which affects you is that there is a one in six chance of getting it. If your father had it your chance is one in three, if your father and grandfather had it your chance is one in one point five.....that would be you. The key is early detection. Get a yearly PSA test from your doctor.
Me: Already arranged. Found a good guy in Duncan last year, and we've talked.

So it could be an interesting time around here.


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Blogger Rob Cottingham said...

I'm on the PSA annual plan as well, for the same reasons. You and your father are in my thoughts -- all the best.

10:25 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

Thanks, mate.

My only complaint is that he waited until he had cancer before telling my brother and I that his father also had it...

5:11 pm  

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