October 29, 2006

Science: What Goes Around Comes To Me!

The Skeptics' Circle is coming crashing back to Earth on the 9th of November: that's when I'll be serving as it's *cough* humble host. So if you are interested in submitting a post you think would fit in or stand out, send me a link (through my profile to the right, there) and it will be considered. Anyone is welcome to try!

The guidelines for submissions are here, as well as a full schedule of past and future editions. As a general rule, while I personally consider all things political, politics and theology are more appropriate to other places than to the circle. Here, we're looking for: bad science; revisionism (historical, not political); paranormal "woo"; unfortunate (and inaccurate) medical claims; hoaxes of any sort that rely on failures in critical thought; or even essays on the philosophy of critical thought.

There is some overlap to some stories, of course. For instance, this is a story about science with political overtones, but I think would fit. And there are frequent uses of religion (established and, er, otherwise) in quackery and woo, so no surprise when the two cross paths in a story about skepticism.

I do want to limit people to one successful submission each, so pick well and link to other of your posts that you think are appropriate from there (this sort of thing).

I'd like to read them before hand, too, so if your post could be submitted by November 7th (Tuesday night), that would be cool.


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