January 01, 2007


We're all time travellers - we're getting to the future at a constant rate of 1 second per second. Things are procceding apace.

Figure it's the first post of the new year; so, just like arriving at work, I'm not going to work too hard for the first little while. But I do have some cleaning to do, with all these bookmarks lying around here...

Like this piece, which is a text by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner Smedley Darlington Butler (sorry, that's just his name) called War is a Racket. You have to think that anyone nicknamed "Old Duckboard" is going to be one tough guy.

Or this amazing Woo Self Treater I found. Need help deciding which non-functional medicine is right for you? We have your placebo!

Then there's this depressing bit of stupidity, specially produced for anyone who thinks that the religious right don't have enough influence in the United States just yet: guess how old the Grand Canyon is? Go ahead, guess! No, really; you have to guess, because the park guide isn't going to tell you for fear of offending young earth creationists.

For those who live by lists, here's fifty things that have been discovered or confirmed in just the past year (that's 365 days of scientific discovery). Two favorites: sharks that "walk" on their fins; and a meteroite in South Africa that has a chemical composition unlike any other known meteorite. C'est weird, eh?

A quick trip into American politics (Canucks are getting a post of their own coming up), as it seems that God approves of the Democrats winning the House and Senate in the States, as last year NO (zero) hurricanes made landfall on the continental US for the first time in five years. What went wrong, Pat? Sorry, no extra funds this year.

Then there's the inherently cruel irony of a man who advocates torture forcing a kangaroo court on a clearly guilty man using charges from a crime 25 years old, then bragging about how fair it was. Ironically, the speedy death was against the wishes of American diplomats... They didn't want the trial to continue, and they certainly didn't want to bring up anything more recent (that could get embarassing), but they also didn't want him killed on a Muslim holy day associated with Abraham's willingness to kill his son for God...

Then there's this idiot (Rep. Virgil Goode) who apparently had no idea that blogs existed. He's shocked! Shocked, I tell you! To discover that when you lip off about Muslims destroying America by being elected (and swearing on a Koran), someone might consider you racist. Do the math: by his own words, he wants to cancel all immigration from "non-Europeans" from the middle east that numbers 5,000 people a year. Total immigration into the U.S. is about 950,000/year. Listen to the interview by a friendly interviewer (FOX News), and tell me anyone else couldn't have taken him apart!

He did badly enough as it was, though. Dig this quote:

"I am for restricting immigration so that we, uh, don't have a majority of Muslims elected to the United States House of Representatives."

Yes, that's real. I think I've changed my mind about the Congress being forced to work five day weeks if it means Goode is actually trying to do something in those five days...

That's enough for now. Besides, we're almost half way through the NHL season, and that's the REAL important stuff!

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