January 20, 2007

Randomizer, on!

Fighting through a nasty, nasty cold right now, so I've been a little distracted. But here are some things that caught my attention:


Someone who can finally and clearly explain the creationists opposition to evolution.


With the next Clinton announcing she's running for president, and the Golden Boy Obama "considering" running (he shouldn't), it is going to be an interesting time in the US over the next year. Add the first Hispanic to run, if Bill Richardson does the expected, and you've got quite the rainbow. And Edwards is still a solid contender, if he can shed enough of the blame for last election's loss onto Kerry's shoulders, who's ground meat this time around at best. Howard Dean may well become the actual front runner, as compared to the favorite media darling, by the time Iowa happens, given his phenominal grassroots work and his successes last election.

I have long believed that the first minority or woman to reach the highest office in the States would be on the conservative side (an established pattern in democracies, as liberals generally don't need the added support that that minority member would give them), is Rice going to be jumping in for the Republicans, and how soon?

I don't think she (Rice) will get the nomination for President, at least not until one more generation has passed, but Vice is certainly a possibility.


When in Michigan, do not, repeat DO NOT live with your ex-spouse, or jaywalk to your lover's house if you're having an affair! Because that, legally speaking, is exactly the same as committing a violent rape.


Harnessing people power just makes sense. Use what's there, like a tidal generator in a houseboat (the waves cause a float to move, generating a small but useable amount of electricity), knowing where human traffic moves has got to be useable in some way, right? Right!


Spring is coming, spring is coming...


Speaking of jaywalking, you probably shouldn't do it at all in Atlanta. You could be met with "excessive amounts of discretion".

Now, I like glasses. Call it a kink (it is), but the implied intelligence of the wearer is a real turn on for me. It doesn't have to be real intelligence, because I'm judging on appearance here, but it's what I like. I've worn them myself almost all my life, so I do know that glasses don't actually up your I.Q., but you can make some very interesting statements with them. Take some time to check these guys out.


posted by Thursday at 12:06 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...

Ahhhh Thursday, say it ain't so.

Does this mean you could be bamboozled by the good Ms. Taylor.

Or, perhaps, Edith Prickley?


3:02 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

Oh, Edith! My Edith! Whyever did you go?

Gaz, you wound my heart with memories...

6:41 pm  

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