January 13, 2007

Dah da-dah dah DAAAAAHHH

Well, today is Hockey Day in Canada, a creation of CBC in the same way Valentine's Day was birthed by Hallmark.

Don't care. Still watching.

But in it's honour, I tried to find a video clip of one of my favorite commercials ever. I couldn't, but if anyone could, you'd have a devotee for life. In recompense, I present the transcript (to the best of my memory):

Scene: Hockey rink, mid-game. Obviously an intense game going on: camera's low, following the reactions on the bench as players whizz past. Sound of a hit on the ice, and a hard-breathing player comes to the bench as another flies off in his place. He winces as he sits down, bleeding from a cut. The trainer is quickly on him, sewing the cut shut right there on the bench.

Trainer: How you feeling?
Player: Good, good.
Trainer: (Holding up three fingers) How many fingers? (Player's watching the game) Hey! How many?
Player: (Answers quickly) Three.
Trainer: (Examines player's eyes) Okay.

The coach looks down the bench; the trainer nods, and the coach signals the player off the bench and back onto the ice. The player leaps over the boards and off camera - a second later, there's the sound of a hit on the ice.

Audience: Oooh...

There is an admiring silence for the impact. Then the coach leaps onto the bench.


End shot: The trainer is threading another needle as the sounds of the game continue...

Beautiful commercial that captures the feel of a hockey game better than most movies manage to do. You get a real sense of the immediacy, the speed, and frankly the madness of the game. Seriously, sitting where you are now, would you go back into the game? No. But if you are on the bench? Oh, yeah, the instant you could.


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Blogger Debra Kay said...

Good GAWD, I'm an idiot. I was idly searching AND watching some sort of lamp shade renovation on TV and I flagged your blog instead of moving on to next blog.

I apologize, and if you know who I can speak with or how to unflag, please let me know.

This is the internet equivalent of taking a dump in someone's house and clogging the toilet. Many apologies.

1:22 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...


Well, thanks for the warning, and I'll see what Blogger can do about getting unflagged.

Well, I'm sure SOMEone's found objectionable stuff here, I just didn't expect it to be because of TV!

7:29 pm  

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