March 14, 2007

This Week Has Seven Days

An eventful few days...

1) Went to see Ghost Rider with the Significant Other and another lovely woman. It's about a motorcyclist who occasionally bursts into flame, and features Sam Elliot: how could I not? And yes, it's just as bad as you think. Tell you why tomorrow.

2) Went to Domlander. One of the folks in Victoria who runs the S&M group Sagacity has a favorite movie, and has decided to have a night dedicated to it. Fun was had by... most!

3) Helped the mom-in-law move pieces of furniture around in anticipation of her relocating to Panama. I think I know what the SO and I are getting for Christmas every year.

4) Dinner at a Significant Another's house; installed a chandelier for the second time, got electrocuted, back home to do a little more reading. Rather humbling, but I WILL install this thing safely!

5) Off to see "300" tonight. I fear no bad movie! As one reviewer put it, "Abtastic!" The SO is NOT coming tonight, as she has to sleep (working tomorrow means waking at midnight). Plus, she believes one bad movie per month is about all she can manage.


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