July 26, 2007

Proof Negative

Was it really more than two years ago that I wrote about the utter ineptitude and/or inappropriateness of almost every single Bush appointee?

Yes, but that didn't stop more from happening! From the bizarre attempt to get his personal lickspittle a seat on the highest court to his fundamentalist Surgeon General who was just so certain he (or at least his church) could cure "teh gay" (how'd the last S.G. do, anyways?), the evidence of loyalty being more important than competence is striking.

Don't get me wrong - he seems like a religious person I could talk to just fine - but he's not a very good choice for arguably the most important scientific post in the land. You have to wonder when his loyalty to the American people and his loyalty to Bush and his loyalty to his God are in conflict, where's he gonna go?

But let's talk about the fella who made it - The current and reigning (so far) Attorney General, old V05 himself, Alberto Gonzales.

The is a man whose graduating class at Harvard ('82) took out a quarter page ad in the Washington Post to complain of his lack of independence, and to accuse him of being a danger to the country.

Leaving that aside, consider simply his testimony to congress (so far): if you didn't know who this was, would you have guessed "lawyer from Harvard"? Or just some idiot who wandered in off the street was handed a script and told to "just wing it"?

P.S. Well, it's not like the white house (I'll capitalize that when someone worthwhile is in there) wants good legal advice, anyways.


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