August 26, 2007

Lie Back and Think of England

There may be a wee snag in our going to England - The S.O.'s Bartholin's gland is kicking up again, and that may stop us cold. The whole "being 7000 km away from my doctor" thing is a bit of a hurdle, apparently... Likewise getting travel insurance for a pre-existing condition, and not knowing when it's going to blow up on her (again). It's fistualized (it's a word now... I love English!) and she's had some of the Bartholin's fluid (vaginal lubricant) leaking out her anus.

An interesting variant on a theme, but not something we were hoping for.

We're going to try declaring this a "controlled emergency", so we can get treatment NOW, with doctors who will know her history, instead of waiting for an "emergency emergency", where we'll get which ever doctor happens to be on hand at the time. That didn't work out so well last time we tried it.

The timing is a bit of a shame - not only would we miss England, but that makes us some money, too; plus, we'd be bailing on the lovely woman running the workshop awfully late in the program... Still, she's got some help, even without us. And personally, I'll take my wife's health over a trip anywhere, any time.

Not an uncommon feeling, I trust.

On the plus side, no deaths or crippling diseases just yet! One of the S.O.'s exes had Crohn's Disease (love the name of that newsletter), so she's been having visions of colostomy bags dancing through her head of late. So much energy is being expended trying to make her feel as little anxiety as possible.

Not sure if I should go cuddle her now or not - she's taken to starting work at 11:00, so she's getting up at 10, only half an hour from now. Bit like waking someone up to take their sleeping pill, isn't it?


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