October 05, 2007

For George

So President George has vetoed expanding medical coverage to poor children. Even ignoring his Point One declarative statement ("Poor Children First" - bwa?), his reasoning is simply bizarre: that NOT vetoing the bill would be the "first step toward socialized medicine".

So. Frickin'. What.

If it takes the "evil" of socialized medicine to get a few million kids medical care, then suck it the hell up. Unless there's a private company willing to foot the bill...?

No? Gee, what a surprise.

One other thing: George? Perhaps you have as much difficulty with chronological perception as you do with cognitive dissonance, so let me help you out, here.

If someone is proposing to EXPAND a program, that means the program is already in place. "Starting" a program means it doesn't exist yet. Likewise "creating" a program. Likewise "taking the first step".

See where I'm going with this?

That much-feared "first step" you mention has already been taken. It was created to help the least privileged among your countrymen survive. To you, that was the first step towards socialism.

To the rest of the world, that first step in helping others was called "civilization".


posted by Thursday at 9:04 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

George doesn't seem to have a problem with socialized military, though. I guess the government's job is to protect its people from attack, but not to keep them healthy.

12:39 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

I think when he said "No Child Left Behind", he meant "in North America".

1:15 pm  

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