November 13, 2007

Now, For Your Daily Dose Of Perspective

The Significant Other had recently expressed dismay at the violent killings happening on Vancouver streets - 18 murders so far in the city, and most of them drug related. The killing has moved from indoors to out, with public shootings in daylight showing up here and there.

Bear in mind this is a harbour city with a population of 2 million people.

For comparison: Monterrey, Mexico, a city half the size of Vancouver, just experienced a shootout between naval officers and "about a dozen suspected drug hitmen" outside a shopping centre. Well over 2,000 people have been killed in Mexico in drug-war related homicides.

Stockholm (which is around the same size as Vancouver) in violence-filled Sweden, had 60.

Even Seattle, a peaceful city about a third the size of Vancouver and only 150 kilometers away, had 29 homicides.

Canada had 605 total homicides last year. That's death caused by another person, not just murders; so drunken idiots getting stabbed by other drunken idiots outside a bar is in that count, too.

Not really enough to panic about just yet, I don't think.


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