December 11, 2007

I Shall Endure!

Interesting (as ever) post on Nellioness' site a couple days back: advice on having men last longer during sex. **Added Note: link not, not, NOT safe for work!**

And don't worry, you can just read without being traced. Even leave anonymous messages, if you'd like to share your own experiences. I'm copying out my own comment, and expanding on it a little:

The Significant Other and I found an interesting circumstance: sex really is all in the mind!

We passed out tenth anniversary this August, and were intimately involved for a year before that. In being so, we now have a history of experience with each other: we both know how good the other is already, and that anticipation comes into play every encounter we have.

Something you WON'T hear from idiot shows like Keys to the VIP: sex gets better the longer you're with someone. Assuming you're interested in making it so.

The biggest problem is that the most exciting thing to me is a woman reaching orgasm, and at this point the SO gets there really soon, and usually repeatedly. Great for quickies, but for a night of it we've got to change the game plan...

Not that that's a bad thing!

We've added a grab-bag of tricks, toys, and twists to the standard variants of coitus over the years, but have to find time to play with them. It's a bit cold to be "tie-me-down" weather, and our schedules are often conflicting, and her recent medical history cooled things off as much as the season has.

Yet when I have sex with someone else, I can last just fine. The condoms help, of course; but I've used those with the SO and have still had the same issues *ahem*. Not having the built-up sexual history seems to make the most difference. Perhaps it is a matter of still exploring what works for someone rather than going for what I already know works perfectly well that makes all the difference. Hmm.

Perhaps the next toy we buy should be a pith helmet?


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