January 30, 2008

Anson Carter is a Canadian!

But don't say it out loud.

You think I'm kidding? Here's his link at Wikipedia. The dude's really Canadian - played for the national team and everything. But in certain circumstances, his hockey-playing abilities may not be what folks are talking about, which could lead to a confusing conversation in some hockey markets...

"Hey, man: that Anson Carter is a Canadian!"

"Er... Yes?"

"No, I mean he's a Canadian, ya know?"

"Sure, he got the winning goal for Canada during the World Cup in 2003."

"What I think we have here... Is a failure to communicate."

"What? He was born in Toronto, for cryin' out loud! Yeah, he's a Canadian!"

"Forget I said anything, okay?"

Which is why I'd love for him to return to the Carolina Hurricanes or sign on with the Dallas Stars (joining Trevor Daley) or possibly the Atlanta Thrashers. Somewhere in the South, anyways.

Things I've learned about Canadians in the Southern U.S. from this informative article:

Large numbers of Canadians can appear on juries in Houston;
Canadians on a jury mean tough going for the prosecution;
Some store customers don't like being served by Canadians;
Canadians don't tip.

Which makes me wonder if this doesn't mean we can dance now...?

Even if not, it's still better than being Belgian!


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