January 30, 2008

LOLing, LOLing, LOLing...

...Get them skeptics LOLing!

The latest Skeptics' Circle has come around again, and this time, everyone gets a lovely, custom-picked cat to play with!


The question being: are they as cool as Giant Robots? Or cooler?

You decide.


posted by Thursday at 10:44 pm


Blogger son of gaia said...

This Skeptic's Circle thing looks very interesting. I'm looking forward to exploring it in greater depth. Thanks for alerting me to it by blogging about it here!

Roy Harrold
Surreality Times

5:58 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

They're well worth perusing, but be warned: they can eat up a LOT of time!

Check out the older Circles, too: beating back B.S. doesn't get old, and a whole lot of scams, flim-flam, and woo use the same tricks handed down through the years. Seeing the same pitch used to sell different tricks is fascinating to see.

Thanks for the comment.

10:36 pm  

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