March 23, 2008

About That "Seperation" Thing...

Given the blind panic that a whole lot of (white) folks have been applying to the statements made by Barrack Obama's former preacher, and the utter terror they have for any thought that this means Obama, under the influence of his Preacher Man, is going to eat their innocent white daughters (or something - they're none too coherent on this), you'd hope they just might re-think the amount of influence religious thought has on their political leaders.

Just thinkin'.

Oh, and wasn't Obama supposed to be a secret Muslim? *sigh* I guess I'll just never quite figure out which paranoid rantings to believe.

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posted by Thursday at 12:57 am


Blogger Dr. Zaius said...

Hey, Thanks for the link! I like your blog.

1:56 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Hey, no worries! Well deserved, that.

For the folks who want to be in the know (nudge wink), it's the link following "re-think". Ah, just go to Zaius Nation, you'll be glad you did.

3:18 pm  

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