March 13, 2008

The Perpetual Party...

...Somewhat pathetic or utterly pathetic?

Just in case there was more proof needed that the Liberal party has only done what the polls have told them to do, here's their excuse for not bringing down the Conservative government over legislation negating the Liberal bill (that has already passed) making Registered Education Savings Plan contributions tax-exempt:

It's Easter.

That's it - the sum total of their excuse.

Just to clarify: Team Blue, the currently ruling Conservative Party, is introducing legislation that stops education savings plan donations from being tax-exempt, the excuse being that it would cost the government too much in lost revenue. That's the same Conservative Party who has already made major tax cuts before realizing their mistake ("Gee, we're running out of money! How'd that happen?") and deciding to pretty much ignore our debt load to get things to balance out better.

That's the Conservatives voting against a reasonable and logical tax exemption (the better educated the population is etc etc. You know the rest.) and the Liberals abstaining from voting against it yet again because there's a holiday coming up.

As an added bonus, you have a member of the Perpetual Party blaming the House of Orange for the Conservatives being in power because they had the temerity to do their job. Just like we heard two years back. Simply amazing.

Who says Team Blue has a minority?


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Blogger Holistic Party said...

In total agreement with your view, but don't understand reference to Perpetual Party. I started such a party, but changed the name to the holistic party - check it out

Ross Hermiston, Hantsport, NS

7:25 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

That's my name for the Liberals. "Team Blue"is the Conservatives, and the NDP are the House of Orange (though I don't know how many are actually Dutch).

12:24 pm  

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