March 08, 2008


lolcat - fail

Some lines from a story about the great big Climate Change Denier conference in New York this past Tuesday:

"On Sunday night, the dinner speaker was Patrick J. Michaels, a climatologist with a paid position at the antiregulatory Cato Institute[...]"

The Cato Institute? Here? I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

"Its main conclusion was this: “Our findings, if sustained, point to natural causes and a moderate warming trend with beneficial effects for humanity and wildlife.”"

Everyone benefits when it's warmer? Right on! No worries there, then!

"The meeting was largely framed around science, but after the luncheon, when an organizer made an announcement asking all of the scientists in the large hall to move to the front for a group picture, 19 men did so."

Huge support. Huge!

Your sponsor for this event: the Heartland Institute, a non-profit organization that made over $2 million (net) in 2005.

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