February 04, 2008

I Think I Did, I Think I Did...


I've changed what my blogroll looks like now, and only a day later that I said I would, too! But I do believe I have made a small error (quelle surprise!) somewhere in the script: the idea was, after all, to produce a list that would occupy less space, either with scrolling links or with the collapsible boxes in place now.

Thing is, unless they start out collapsed, they're not exactly saving much room, are they?

I've no clue how to fix that, but I do encourage anyone and everyone to give the links a try: you'll want to keep a few for yourself, I'm sure.

Gah - enough for now. Housekeeping continues, and I find myself surrounded by random clippings, snippets, and notes by the 'puter, and supposedly "temporary" links in my browser. Looks like it's time for another "Misc" entry or two. Been far too lax on them anyway.

These shall be cleared out tomorrow!



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