April 17, 2007

NOW What?

You look at the NHL playoffs for a few days, and what happens?

Well, Kurt Vonnegut dies, for one thing. Fox News, continuing their fine tradition, rendered an eulogy that was either an inept attempt to mimic his style, or simply ignorant blatherings by a mediocre intellect. It could, of course, be both.

So I suppose he's laughing up in heaven with Isaac now.

We have an American citizen (and former Navy officer) who was jailed and tortured by the U.S. because of the company he worked for receiving the Ridenhour Prize and going on a speaking tour.

I wandered across a baby-purchasing scheme promoted by a Texas State Senator who can't figure out why offering $500 to women to NOT have abortions isn't a great idea.

And some stranger links I seem to have lying around:

A effective counter-argument for anyone who thinks science isn't sexy;

A documentary about the difficulty of proving you're not dead is coming out, if you can find it. No kidding: there are 10,000 officially dead people walking around one district in India;

A site for all your gluing needs... (Why are these things in my bookmarks? What was I looking for that day? Did I find it?)

A facsinating card game that you invent as you play...

And two pieces about art displays: one called "Running The Numbers", and another featuring the first solo showing of Fred Herzog's photographs happening in the Vancouver Art Gallery. He's got nearly 60 years of Vancouver on display until May 13th.

The brilliantly surreal Zapato Productions, which I found looking up details of the Pacifc Northwest Tree Octopus. He's got a great anti-mind control beanie design, too.

The strange and artful Ad Generator.

And a dismantling of one of the last remaining deans of global-warming contrarians.

While I'm looking at this stuff, I'll clear out the older bookmarks again:

Why is DeLay still getting air time? Because he's funny! Plug in the headphones for this gem.

How to go on to a political opponent's program and, frankly, make him look stupider than cardboard shingles.

Perhaps the most affecting demonstration of what war can be on a continent that hasn't experienced one for a century and a half.

Speaking of which, how about a reminder of what the basic arguments were back in 2003?

And finally:

Want a scare? Here's a quote to terrify any Canadian:

"It's no secret that the U.S. is going to need water," said project director Armand Peschard-Sverdrup.

"It's no secret that Canada is going to have an overabundance of water. At the end of the day, there may have to be arrangements."

And what, exactly, is "an overabundance of water", pray tell? And is it just me, or does this sound like a mob shakedown to anyone else? You can picture the line from the Sopranos, can't you: "There may have to be... arrangements."

I do believe I'm going to have to see just who the hell the North American Future 2025 Project is, and why this ened up being relesed on news-dump Friday...


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