March 24, 2007

Reasonably Idiotic

So when someone says that they want to talk; then refuse to talk to you; then say they'll talk to you as long as they don't have to say anything; then tell you that's a "very reasonable proposal", what exactly should you think?

Well, it does help to remember that person's priorities.

After all, how can you argue with a group that supports the troops thiiiiis much?


posted by Thursday at 12:56 pm


Anonymous skdadl said...

Och, I could watch that Stewart clip forever, through tears of laughter.

Thanks very much for the Think Progress link on Knodell's testimony. I'd missed that.

2:52 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

It just highlights how far back this white house has been willing to investigate itself, eh? (I'll capitalise white house again when someone worthwhile is in it.)

They stopped even making the effort at competence even sooner than they stopped hiding impropriety.

I mean, any time you're going duck hunting with the judge that will be trying your case, you're not putting the work in....

7:49 pm  

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