February 08, 2006

Politics: It's What's Important!

Just to recap:

When there's a senate hearing looking into steroid use in baseball, testifying current and former baseball players are put under oath to ensure they don't lie, or when they do they can be threatened with legal consequenses.

When there is a senate hearing about collusion by oil company executives regarding profits, price gouging and involvement with the Vice President's energy task force, the executives are NOT put under oath, and when it looks like they did lie, the Attorney General is asked to look into it, and nothing else happens. Speaking of which...

When the Attorney General is called to testify at a senate hearing about the NSA wiretapping scandal (and the technology that may be involved) that is well underway, he also is not sworn in. Perhaps it's just as well, as he testified that:

1) George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt all authorized electronic surveillance.

Ehh... So he's not a history major. We didn't know that?

2) That terrorists sometimes forget that they're under surveillance, especially when they're inside the continental United States, so reporting the wiretapping has damaged national security.

Future law students give their opinion of Gonzales' rationale here.

So to recap: atheletes involved with steroids get sworn in; oil company executives recording record profits in a time of national crisis do not get sworn in; Attorney Generals answering questions about national security do not get sworn in.

One word springs to mind, and that word is ASSHATS!


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