February 06, 2006

Politics: What Face?

Lister: Holly, what's that on your face? Is that lipstick?
Holly: What face?

-Red Dwarf

So one of the new cabinet multi-ministers (the awkwardly named Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics) is elected Liberal David Emerson. In his explanation to the press heading into the swearing in, he explained that he's "always been a small-c Liberal." This brings up a couple interesting questions:

1) How will Conservative supporters react to this conversion? They howled to themselves when Stronach converted, so will they gloat now?

2) How will the Liberal supporters react? They gloated over Stronach's conversion, so will they howl now? For that matter, will they kick Emerson out of the party, or keep him?

3) Will the NDP start issuing self righteous proclomations about loyalty? After all, they've been able to keep followers when power was offered to them. *coughtrudeaucough*

4) Will the howling Liberal supporters finally stop pestering NDP voters to vote Liberal in elections? If they're so scared of the Tories, why the hell don't they vote NDP?

5) What's a "small-c Liberal"?

Amazing what a free vote costs, eh?

**Favorite comment on this so far is by Laura, commenting at Crawl Across the Ocean:

"Also, there's no (at least alleged) ideological or tactical dispute at stake here like there was with Parish and Stronach. Emerson's dispute with the Libs is that they lost the election."



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