January 19, 2006

Other: Set the World Right

If any political party still wants my vote at this late date, they just have to promise me one thing: that in their vision of Canada interesting, talented musicians will never have to be the opening act for bland, balladeer wannabe hacks.

Would that be so tough?


posted by Thursday at 2:49 am


Blogger Aunty Bertha said...


I knew that the replacement (read imposter) for the Memorial Arena had been whored out for naming rights, but that link was the first stark reality of it for me.

It was a sad day when I saw the arena being torn down. I am so glad I am not there to see the corporate advertisement that it has become.

Aunty B

4:40 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Yes, the "Save On Foods Memorial Centre" - does that mean that Save On Foods is dead? It needs a memorial?

It's worse than you think - out front is a massive television screen that runs commercials for Save On in between commercials for shows. The thing's so bright you can virtually read it off the buildings across the street.

Love of money, Auntie: it's the root of all evil.

10:42 pm  

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