December 31, 2005

Politics: A Fair Election

I do read several divverent blogs, though intermittently, and some are right-wing, despite my own predilictions. Hell, I really enjoy P.J. O'Rourke, and have a few of his books, even if he does make me angry sometimes with what I consider a wrong take of world events. I don't often find someone I disagree with totally, and even more rarely find someone I agree with totally: the ratio just has to be more to the "agree" side than the "disagree" for me to keep reading them. The better the writing, the more they can get away with (see: P. J. O'Rourke, above).


There are some folks who do deserve their own special place for their own special abilities. Over at World O' Crap, there is the list of five finalists for the Wingnut of the Year award, and hoo-BOY is it chock full! Even if you get there too late to vote, it's the first time I've ever encountered Dr. Adams before, and my word the gentleman has... issues... mostly with sex and guns (like that combination is really rare, eh?).


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