December 27, 2005

Politics: PR? Your Job's In PR?

There is one feature of blogs that people really should be aware of before they start: it is very easy to find the writer's identity. Most folks who do write online are perfectly aware of this; some aren't, and try to keep themselves anonymous; some (like yours truly) use nicknames.

But any kind of anonymity you wish to keep is pretty much DOA if you sign your real name to your blog. This means you have to be a little careful if you intend to either be political (like Monte Solberg) or decide to call yourself a reporter and do a puff piece on a white supremist group like Stormfront. (No, I'm not linking to Stormfront again.)

One thing to always bear in mind is that whatever you write can be used against your if you're in the public eye. One group that should know this, other than politicians, is someone who calls himself a "public affairs consultant". At least he was a volunteer instead of an official member of the Liberal Party, but that's just being thick, whatever your affiliation...


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