December 10, 2005

Motorcycles: Depression and Cure

So, in the process of handing my Triumph to a dealer to sell, I seem to have become involved in a domestic dispute. The doors of the shop have been closed for a month now, and I have no information on what is happening, or when. Apparently, the shop owner's current roommate is a bit of a crackhead.

Unhappy camper, me.

On the uplifting side, Moto Guzzi is bringing the Griso to North America this year, at a price of about $15,500 (about $5,000 less than I originally thought it might). So I'll be attending the Vancouver International Mototcycle Show on the last weekend in January. Yee-, may I say, -HAW!

Tiding myself over until then, I found a little clip showing scenes from the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, of an unknown year. It may help you understand my... issues... with riding. We'll be in England just as next year's festival gets underway, I've just noticed. I may have to extend the vacation a few days at the end of May...



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