November 30, 2005

Politics: Dumbest - Idea - EVER!

Hey, here's an idea:

To frighten terrorists, let's do spontaneous attacks against our own civillians! We'll pick random, public places, surround them, and force everyone inside to produce identification or be arrested!

So, we'll pick, like, such obvious targets as... uh... Hotels! And banks! Yeah, that's exactly where terrorists wouls attack! Not non-public places like water resivoirs or power stations or government buildings or Disney World, or anything like that.

After all, it only stands to reason that terror cells wouldn't actually have any identification, as if they were U.S. citizens or anything like that, right? Nah, that's crazy.

(Hat tip to London Fog, to your right there.)


posted by Thursday at 9:58 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...

And in addition, let's pull out one of their teeth every time we subject them to this and then ask them......

'Is it safe?'

11:48 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

My guess is that it's an excuse to arrest people (run-of-the-mill criminals, not actual terrorists) they have information about, but obtained through questionable sources. That way, someone they've been hunting could "just happen" to be where they're searching...

12:52 am  

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