November 20, 2005

Other: Polite Invasion

For the past week, we've had a friend at our house who underwent major surgery: she lives a ways North of here, so we want her to be close(r) to the hospital in case of complications. She'll stay until we are certain there won't be any problems with her driving herself home. She also has two dogs that have to be watched (and fed) durning the time.

Square footage of house: 600, plus small porch.
Total humans: 3 adults, average size.
Total dogs: 1 adult Rottweiler cross, 1 Jack Russel cross, 1 micro-puppy of unknown breed.
Total square feet/mammal: 100, plus small porch
Total mammals, impression: 73

Well, it's a good deed that should buy me a few years in Purgatory, if I make it that far.


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